Luck advised not to throw for 2-3 months to focus on rehab

After luck was placed on IR earlier in the week, it was reported that he was advised to not throw for months in order to focus on his rehab.

First, most recommendations have Luck taking a few months off from throwing — likely two to three months to focus solely on rehab. At this point, no one has recommended another surgery, though it remains a possibility.

Andrew Luck will be re-evaluated by docs again in Dec. Colts do expect him back in ’18, love Jacoby Brissett but not ignoring QB draft class

Luck is participating in the team’s first preseason practices, but there don’t seem to be any plans to have him throw anytime soon.

The Buffalo Bills called my brother[‘s] phone [and my brother said], ‘Hey this is Buffalo’ … I literally grabbed the phone and then once I did like this [moved the phone towards his ear] I looked down [his own phone was in his lap] and it was a 412 number. And then I was like ‘Ah, I’ll take this one’ [the call from the Steelers].

Three picks later, head coach Mike Tomlin scooped him up with the 195th pick. Twenty months afterward, Brown was a Pro Bowler. By 2014, he was leading the league in receiving.

Rodgers could also help Johnson find something that eluded him, and everyone else who has worn a Lions uniform in the last 26 years: postseason success. With Rodgers at the helm, Green Bay has missed the playoffs just twice — in his first season as the starting quarterback in 2008, and in 2017, when he played in just seven games. He’s won nine playoff games.

Johnson made it to the postseason just twice, and despite nearly 300 yards combined in those two games, the Lions lost both of them.

He deserved better than the Lions were able to give him. Rodgers deserves not to have to do all the heavy lifting. So I would have loved to see these two team up for empathetic reasons, but also because I think together, they could’ve been fire. — Sarah Hardy

It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on a football field, and I’ve watched more than one Rutgers games. I’d do almost anything to make sure Megatron never had to melt into a puddle of tears before our very eyes.

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