John Schnatter: Papa John’s doesn’t want to do business with Roger Goodell

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter continues to search for a good spot to dig, despite being at rock bottom. He may have found one.

In Friday’s radio interview with Terry Meiners of 840 WHAS, Schnatter shrugged at the replacement of Papa John’s with Pizza Hut as the official pizza of the NFL, and then pounced on pro football’s Commissioner.

At a time when teams like the Falcons (temporarily, at least) and Seahawks (permanently) have ended their partnerships with Papa John’s, the effort by Schnatter — who remains a major shareholder in the company he founded — to target Goodell personally could result in some calls being made from 345 Park Avenue to other owners of other teams in an effort to get all franchises to sever ties with Papa John’s, and to replace Schnatter’s company with Pizza Hut or Domino’s or anything but Papa John’s.

The deal guarantees Bortles $26.5 million over the next two seasons as opposed to the $19 million he would have made under the option. In an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio, Bortles said that he didn’t really care about how much money was in the deal because he prized the security that came with a deal running beyond the 2018 season.

Bortles also suggested that he would continue to feel that way by pointing to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s habit of leaving money on the table to spend on other areas of the team.

I think definitely the way the Tom has done it is the way to try to model, Bortles said. Having guys and putting pieces around him was definitely something. When you take up a ton of money you kind of limit your team and who they can help you out with and put around you. I’m not naive enough to say that we don’t need a run game. We also need a good defense, we need good receivers, we need all these pieces. You can’t play as a quarterback and do it yourself so I’m more than willing to take less money than somebody else might in my position to put good guys around us.

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